Meet our volunteers 

Annie-Head Volunteer


Annie has been with us since near to the beginning of us opening. Being a vet-nurse she is always keen to do any regular health check we do on our animlas. Annie does anything from shows to weddings.

Paris-Senior Volunteer


Hello, my name is Paris, and I joined The Kent Owl Academy in 2021. One of my favourite things to do at the centre is weigh and fly the birds. Merlin the eagle owl and yorkley the Great Horned must be my favourite Owls; I love to watch them fly and am always fascinated with the larger birds. I aim to become a zoologist, studying birds of prey and reptiles. When I joined, I was very shy but became more confident with people and animals.

Summer- Volunteer


Summer joined us for work experience but since day one was hooked onto working with birds of prey and exotic animals....espcially our skunk Freddy. Summer enjoys running our Junior Keeper days.

Jack-Senior Volunteer


Jack was one of our youngest volunteers, joining us after doing an experience day with us. Jack has a great sence of humour and often makes guests laugh during our Owl Encounter's and shows,although most roll their eyes to his silly owl jokes.



Hi, I’m Molly, I’ve been volunteering at the KOA since the beginning of 2022. I am currently working my way into training to become a veterinary nurse, wanting to specialise in exotics and birds of prey. So, this is the perfect place for me to begin! My favourite Owl is Severus the Vermiculated Eagle Owl, I absolutely adore working with him and the team.

Jack 'Gilly'-Site Manager


Jack is very handy with his tools...if something is broken he is the one the fix it. He joined us when trying to find something to do. Jack loves to help out and loves fixing problems. One of his favourite Owls is percy the Tawny Owl.

Syl-lSenior Volunteer


Hello, my name is Syl, and I joined The Kent Owl Academy in July 2021 in need of work experience. I always have had an interest in exotic animals like reptiles but really wanted some hands-on experience with birds...especially Owls. My dream job is in conservation or in a zoo. I enjoy running Owl Encounters and am often mentioned on Trip Advisor.  



Hello there, my name is Amanda. I joined the academy wanting to gain some hands-on experience with the birds of prey and owls. I often go up to Scotland to see wildlife, I love to see them fly. I have passed my raptors awards which is what got me into volunteer here.



Hello, I am Alfie and I am a volunteer at The Kent Owl Academy. I really like the bigger birds of prey like Yorkley the Great Horned Owl. My favourite thing to do is flying and training the birds and taking part during educational talks and shows. I want to move onto wildlife rescue and rehab In Australia as their animals fascinate me and I want to help with the effects of wildfires.



Hi, I am Ed, I joined The Kent Owl Academy at the end of 2022, I was looking for experience with Birds of Prey and Exotic Animals. I love to be around the birds and spend time with them. Lansell the Tawny Owl is my favourite bird here as he was the first Owl, I interacted with. I would love to open my own animal and reptile rescue centre as I want to help any animals that need a home.




I am Tao, after visiting the place as a guest I was interested in the birds and wanted to work with them, After having my interview with Charlotte I joined the centre in August 2022. I love all the birds here but Ted the Indian Scops Owl is by far the best because she is so tiny and sweet. Although most the work here is cleaning and providing for the animals, I really enjoy interacting with them during shows, encounters and educational talks, I like to take part in animal training, especially with the smaller Owls. My dream job is becoming an exotic Vet, working along with these animals will help to get there.



Hello, my name is Abi, I joined the KOA in 2021 after looking for some work experience. After completing my hours, I loved the place so much that I stayed. My favourite Owl is Harvest the Dark Breasted Barn Owl. I enjoy prepping the feeds and taking part in food-related enrichment activities with the animals. I also enjoy talking to the public, I love to answer any questions they may have. I want to work in conservation and have been accepted at a university in Wales to help me achieve my dream.




Hi, my name is Sylvia and I have been interested in birds since the age of 10, and my love of falconry began aged 11. I joined The Kent Owl Academy in February 2023 after having experience at another centre. My favourite bird at the KOA is Kermit the Tawny Frogmouth. I also have some of my own birds that I often bring to the academy to fly. I am always happy to have a chat with guests about the Owls and other birds.

Kayden-Senior Volunteer


Hello, my name is Kayden. I joined The Kent Owl Academy in March 2022. One of my favourite things to do at the centre is talk in the flying demonstrations. I also do experience days. My favourite Owl is Percy the Tawny Owl and Sol the Ural Owl. I love answering any questions that our guests may have; I also love to share the knowledge I learnt at the KOA with others about the animals we look after. The one thing I always appreciate about the KOA is that we are more like a family and everyone works together.




Hi, my name is Cass, when deciding what to do with my weekends when I'm not working as a PCA in a vet practice, it made sense to volunteer to spent even more time with animals!

I joined KOA to help out and get experience with exotic animals... and develop a new love for snakes!

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