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Adopt your own animal from The Kent Owl Academy!

You can choose from any of the adoptable animals below...

Our packages last for 12 months and all money spent on adoption goes directly into the care needed for your animal. 

Your money helps to pay for precious things such as food, equipment, enclosure refurbishment and healthcare.

You can adopt for yourself, or for a friend/loved one!


What you'll get:


- A personal thank you letter with photos of your animal


-An adoption certificate 


-A private meet & greet session with your chosen animal(s) here at the academy. Come and meet them! (accompanied by a qualified handler)


- A free guest with any of our animal/owl experiences booked in the future (worth £7.50-£20)


-Your chosen name on our Adoption board within the centre.

An option of a bronze plaque is available for some of the animals,for an additional cost, this would be placed in front of the animals enclosure forever. Please get in contact about this.



Every adoption counts!



You can email us at:

If you wish to have another name on the adoption package- please let us know within 48 hours, otherwise it will be sent to an open recipient at the address and name on the paypal payment receipt.

Please allow up to 5 working days for your package to arrive.




Meerkat mob (Shiloh, Fuggle, Guinness, Suger and Spice!)

Adopt our little Meerkat family and get the chance to meet them yourselves. Our cheeky mob just love to spend time with our guests...especially when offered bugs.



'Dusk'  - The Barn Owl 

Not Available

Dusk is the sister of Dawn, who live together. Mostly reconised for her educational shows but she has also be apart of the cast of The Witcher season 3 and House of the Dragon season 2.



'Dawn'  - The Barn Owl 

 Not Available

Dawn lives with her sister Dusk and is mostly known for her work in photography workshops. Like her sister she is also casted in 'The Witcher season 3' but also 'Painting birds with Jim and Nancy Moir'. 



'Harvest'  - The Dark Breasted Barn Owl

Harvest first came to us after her owner was unable to look after her anymore. She often takes part in our experience days and is a guest favourite in our Children's Encounter. 



'Percy' -The Tawny Owl 

Not Available

Percy is one out of two of our Tawny Owls, named after one of the babies from the beloved Children's book 'Owl Babies'. Percy is the main educational ambassador and often goes to schools to visit. Percy is also the mascot for Tiptree's Tawny Orange Marmalade.

'Lansell' -The Tawny Owl 

 Not Available

Lansell is another one of our Tawny Owls and is known for his flying shows he offers to the public, However like Dusk and Dawn, Lansell has also had his share of the film world, being casted in season 2 of 'House of the dragon' and the 2023 Nytol Advert.

'Severus'- The Vermiculated Eagle Owl

Named after the Harry Potter character, Severus is one of our Eagle Owls are the centre. A great choice for adoption for those who like medium sized Owls. 


'Merlin' -The Eurasian Eagle Owl 

Not Avilable

Merlin is our largest and oldest Owls, weighing 3lb 8oz and born in 2002. Known for being our most vocal bird at the centre that loves to chat with the public. 

'Sol'-Ural Owl

Not Available

Often mistaken for a Snowy Owl, we have Sol the Ural Owl. A unique species with a very long 'falcon-like' tail. 

'Kermit' - The Tawny Frogmouth

Not Available

Kermit, although looking very 'Owl-like- is in fact not an Owl but more closely related to the Nightjar.

'Osas' - The Southern White-Faced Owl

Osas being one of our smaller Owls at the centre, is great around children or those who are unsure about birds. Also casting in Disney's 'Disenchanted' working along side Amy Adams.

'Beastie' - The Boobook Owl

Not Available

Beastie is one of our birds native to Australia. And is one of our main flying birds during Experience days. Named Beastie for his very large feet and talons as well as his 'Beastly' vocals.

'Lenny' - The Long-Eared Owl

Lenny is one of our 5 native Owls to the U.K and although can be very shy at times is very comfortable around people who are unsure of birds. Often doing therapy sessions with those with mental health conditions. 

'Ted' - The Indian Scops Owl

Not Available

Ted, also known as 'Tedwina' is our smallest Owl at the centre. Despite her name, Ted is in fact a female. However was once believed to be male, which she then unexpectedly corrected after laying infertile eggs.

'Twitch' - The Harris Hawk 

Twitch is our only Hawk at the centre and is the main star of our 'Raptor Experience'. Lots of guests who take a interest in Falconry often are impressed by Twitch. 

'Yorkley' -The Great Horned Owl 

Not Available

Yorkley is the stringest Owl at our centre, like Sol is often mistaken as a Snowy Owl. Yorkley is leucistic which means he has more white pigmentation within his plumage. He shouls in fact be a lot darker like his wild counterparts. This fault in the DNA has created a beautifully coloured Owl. Born at the ICBP, he has flown in shows and experience days for many years.

'Khaleesi' - The Peregrine X Gyr X Saker Falcon 

Being our only Falcon at the centre, and a tribred. Khaleesi is always an impressive raptor for those who have taken an interest in Falcons and Falconry. Often displaying her amazing flying ability to the public with a keeper swinging a lure.

'Tootles' - Bengal Eagle Owl 

Not Available

Tootles has been with us since October 2023 after being reported to the IBR roaming around Croydon. Tootles is native to India so would not of survived in the wild by herself. After our team successfully rescued her, we went on the hunt to find her owner. After a lot of hard working from the centre and with the IBR's help we were unable to locate where Tootles came from,sadly no one has stepped forward for Tootles to date. Tootles was given the thumbs up by the IBR that it was time to announce that Tootles will stay at the centre as her new forever home. 

'Tigerlilly' - Red -Tailed Buzzard NEW

Tigerlilly is our largest bird of prey at the centre, and is often mistaken for a small eagle. 

'Freddie' - The Skunk 

Not Available

Meet Freddie the Albino Skunk. Freddie loves cuddles and often goes on walks around the farm. Although his white colour often allows him to be mistaken for a large Ferret, Freddie is in fact a Skunk, this often surprises public. Freddie has still got his scent glands so can spray, however only will if he is unhappy or scared. 

'Flute' The Sulcata Tortoise

Meet 'Flute' the Sulcata Tortoise! Flute is our largest Reptile at the centre, weighing over 4 stone. He often roams the Tortoise Garden when the weather is nice. Flute is spot trained and is always a guest favourite.


Please note that meet and greets for Flute are only booked during late spring to summer                                                                               months due to temperature.

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