Meet the Animals

Percy-Tawny Owl

Percy is one of our two Tawny Owls here at the Academy. And, is one of our most popular Owls with guests. Percy is very talkative and is odten used for educational school talks, owl encounters, parties filmwork and photography. Did you know? that Percy is the mascot for 'Wilkin and  Sons Tiptree Marmalade'

Lansell-Tawny Owl

Lansell is one of our top fling Owls, guests often enjoy seeing him fly over their heads during demostations. Like Percy, Lansell ios also very talkative and loves to sunbathe as soon as a patch of sun enters his aviary. 

Oak-Little Owl

Oak is the smallest Owl at the centre...but defiantly makes up in attitude! This little guy wins the hearts of everyone he meets.

Lenny-Long Eared Owl

Lenny is a very quiet and prefers smaller crowds, this makes him perfect for private encounters and children experiences

Dusk and Dawn

Dusk and Dawn are the stars of the academy, not only are they the mascots of the company but they also do so much for it as well. Not only doing eduactional talks,demostations and encounters but also are part time ring bearers. Did you know? That Dusk and Dawn are in season 3 of 'The Witcher' but play the same Owl!

Harvest-Dark Breasted Barn Owl

Harvest came to us when her owner could not look after her anymore. Since then she has been a big part of the academy. Mostly featuring in offsite birthday parties and our 'meet the owls' demonstration at Kent Life.

Severus-Vermiculated Eagle Owl

Severus, named after the Harry Potter character, is one of the smallest Owls in the Eagle owl family. Sev is often used for film and photography work. 

Ted-Indian Scops Owl

Ted, also known as 'Tedwina' , started life as a male yet came out as a female later on in life. Being one of our main ambassadors, Ted is suitable for anything, from educational talks, parties, weddings to therapy sessions.

Merlin-Eurasian Eagle Owl

Merlin is the oldest Owl at the academy. Mostly known for flying during shows on the weekends and holidays.  Did you know? that Merlin is the biggest type of owl in the world.

Beastie-Boobook Owl

Osas-Southern White-Faced Owl

Osas is named after a man with the longest name in Africa 'Uvuvwevwevwe onyetenvewve ugwemubwem ossas'. Being one of our smaller Owls she is popular with the children and often comes along to schoo, talks. Osas was also on the set of Disney's 'Disenchanted' and met the wonderful Amy Adams.

Sol-Ural Owl

Yorkley-Great Horned Owl

Tempest-Golden Eagle

Tempest is the largest bird we have at the academy and impresses all who meet her. Tempest is not only a star at the centre but also on the big screen, featuring in 'Assassin's Creed', 'The Sandman' and the music video for 'Million Rings' by Hardy Caprio.

Twitch and Zyanya

Fury-African Pygmy Falcon

Chuck-Northern Goshawk

Kermit-Tawny Frogmouth

Freddy-Striped Skunk

Sugar Gliders


Chilean Rose Tarantula

Flat Rock Scorpion 

Gin and Tonic-Leopard Geckos

Genie-Corn Snake

Riario-Royal Python

Dumbo Rats


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